The 'Triple A Battery' To Charge Your Marketing Strategy

Building the right marketing strategy for your business is a long term commitment and not a one night fling, that can be developed overnight. When building the marketing strategy many of us might have heard or said "hey what's trending nowadays' or 'Change the status-quo' or 'Let's focus on digital' or the one that i hate the most - 'Lets go viral'. Now yes we all would love to "go viral"; but when building a marketing or brand strategy we have to ensure it has enough charge in it for your brand to reach its destination and not break-down half the way in the journey to achieve your long term goals, while hitting the short-term milestones on the way.

For me the #AAACharge that drives my marketing strategy are

  • Awareness - Now you might argue that your brand is in the market for years and consumers are aware about the product or services you have to offer. Yes, that might be the case but we must remember the phrase 'Out of sight out of mind'... Think of your customer like the goldfish who has a 3-second memory and our strategy should ensure that even with a short span memory, we have build a place for ourselves, unless we have reached the pinnacle of Brand awareness and become a proprietary eponym. Choosing the right marketing platforms and knowing where your consumers are, is critically in ensuring high awareness levels amongst them.

Raise your awareness by sharing your uniqueness.
  • Action - Every part of our strategy and building awareness should lead action from a consumer. Now action is not just acquiring leads or sales, no doubt these 2 actions might be best from a business point of view. But a good strategy is the one which can also create various actions including consumer engagement, that will amplify not just awareness of your brand but also the awareness. So make sure when you are putting your KPIs, add Action based targets as well. Such as Website traffic, Brand search on Google or other search engines, active engagement on social media, reviews - Good or bad both ensure to track them and others such engagement with a right mix of Business and Brand based actions.

If you don’t know what action(s) you want your consumer to take; then PAUSE, THINK & PROCEED.
  • Advocacy - Brand advocacy is the most trickiest part for me. Many of the Brands leave it for the experience / service team to bother about. But in reality, marketing team can play a vital role in driving Advocacy. Two types of advocacy that should be part of any marketing strategy is consumer advocacy and Employee Advocacy! With the ever increasing penetration of social media, where before making a purchase decision we ask for recommendations; it's imperative for Marketing teams to develop strategies that can ensure we are on the right track, along with ensuring highest level of customer experience.

Advocacy is not bought but earned!

In conclusion, a strategy should be envisioned with a 360 approach and with both long term and short term objectives.


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