Experiencing life by experimenting with it!

As a young kid we all have dreams; dreams filled with innocence and expectations, dreams of becoming a doctor, or an engineer or a teacher; some dream about being a sportsperson or an actor. While few are able to make it a reality, few don’t! But every individual has its own destiny and a unique style of fulfilling their dreams into reality and living their lives.

“If life gives you lemon, make lemonade” goes the saying.

Now imagine if the 1st person who made lemonade wouldn’t have experimented by squeezing lemon into water and adding sugar in it, the world wouldn’t have experienced lemonade...Here’s an article about my personal experiments in Life and the experiences acquired from them!

My first experiment of life, that I remember of…


As a young boy in the upbeat city of Bangalore, i dreamt of being a pilot. Now, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise as half of the kids want to be pilot and another half Astronauts. 

While I grew older the hopes of being a pilot shrunk and my dream of being a pilot didn’t really ‘Take-off’. But that didn’t crash land my hopes, rather gave me one of the most valuable lessons in life. 

In life you don’t always have the perfect take-off, but that shouldn’t determine how high you fly.

With this experience in my life, I moved on to a rather unconventional experiment in my life.


I loved the idea of animated films (and still do…), that interest took me towards learning design & Animation. And this experiment sketched me into the world of entertainment. A world of creating characters and breathing life into non-living or imaginative objects. In this phase of ‘Experiencing life by experimenting with it’, I worked with various design, animation and advertising studios; including working part time with a wedding / party videographer! Yes, i did work as a part time video editor on a few of those vivid wedding videos, that we occasionally laugh at, for it’s over the top editing 🤭...

After almost 5-6 years in this creative and exciting industry, I worked on many amazing projects, enhanced my experience about work & life in general from few of the most fantabulous individuals I’ve come across. But the biggest takeaway from this experiment was, similar to making a 10-seconder animation clip, that might look so simple on a screen, requires immense hard work, patience, knowledge and many foiled attempts. Going from conceptualizing to staging to posing to keying to follow-through to polishing. (These are the principles of animation, if you wish you can learn more here).

The core essence of this experiment for me is, I realized and understood - "The Best Things in Life might look Simple but not Easy"… 

With yet another experience added in the basket of my life, I ventured into yet another experiment...


With some savings, a small loan from a friend and my dad’s garage, I launched a small but an interesting (or at least I’d like to believe so 🤪) clothing store, named A-STORE!

From working on various aspects of a business, right from its name & logo design, working on the look and feel of the store, the kind of clothing to be sold, finding out best suppliers and actually running the business. Though it wasn’t a ‘success story’ so to say, but was surely an enthralling experience that made great impact in my life!

This experiment taught me a great deal, from the basics of managing your time, maximizing resources, building partnerships with vendors, marketing (including driving friends & family into shopping 😊) ... and how the digital world can help any business.

To summarize this experiment in a sentence - “Failure shouldn’t be a fatal knockout punch but a jolt in your body that catapults you to greater heights.”

With these experiences of life, zero money in my pocket, some loan money to be paid back and a little worry, I entered into the most exhilarating experiment thus far in my life…

The experiment with the world of Social & Digital media👨‍💻

In early 2012 when i was planning to restart my life in the corporate world, my phone rung showing an unknown number which offered me an opportunity to work with a global organization- UAE Exchange. At first was hesitant to pursue it further, as I had heard a few stories of the abroad work scams. With optimism and faith, I moved forward with it and, in a few months, landed in this amazing country - the UAE.

PS: Up until that time, didn’t have a valid passport and with no international travel history. So, this itself was a big experience for me!

These 8 years have been filled with numerous experiments, working on some fantabulous campaigns by utilizing the powerful platforms in social & digital world, experimenting with various tools and interacting with fascinating individuals. Grown from an entry level role to a role of leading the social media efforts for the brand. Enhanced a Brand from its nascence stage to a well-established brand that engages & inspires its community on social media. Building marketing strategies for new products, new markets and even launching new brands…

This experiment has made me realize how every effort, of any magnitude can have a major impact in customer’s experience with the Brand. How your communication strategy can be interpreted or misinterpreted. How one size fits all doesn’t always work, a campaign or an ad can become a success on a platform but go completely dud on another. The importance of bouncing ideas with larger group of people, while being able to identify the right pieces that would fit well to complete the puzzle called – CONSUMER. How to shape unconventional ideas into a STRATEGICAL, ANALYTICAL and PRACTICAL campaign, that drives the Brand and its performance!

One’s approach should focus on ideas, while giving attention to details and the ability to convert complex problems into simpler solutions.

Even after 8+ years into this experiment, my fascination continues and gives me the same or rather more adrenaline rush that i had on day one. Every morning waking up with the curiosity of what new experiences await me.

In all these years of ‘Experiencing life by experimenting with it!’ I’ve realized that only by experimenting you can stay agile, learn new aspects & experience life to its fullest. 

In conclusion I would like to leave you with this thought – You will fall once, you will fall twice, you will fall umpteen number of times; but every-time pick and dust yourself up, and continue your experiment. You might lose some, you might win some but one thing you will always gain is the EXPERIENCE; so Keep experimenting and keep enhancing your experiences in life!


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