Fail like a winner!

Life is like the heartbeat line; without its peaks and valleys you are considered dead. Same goes with life; ups & downs, failure and success are all ingredients of a healthy and happy Life.

None of us wants to fail; failure is not fun, but you can't avoid it, unless you are not doing anything. Everyone fails, but to be a winner we should learn to “Fail like a winner”; be able to rise quicker and stronger from every fall... Like in a boxing match, every second you are down, you are closer to being knocked out, the differentiator between a loser and winner is just one. It’s the decision you take when down on the mat, whether to get up and fight back or give-up...

While there are several ways to get up and punch back failure, here are a few things that works for me:

  1. Don't curse your failure: As i said failure isn't fun, but what we should first understand is failure is the first step towards success. Rather than cursing on failure, let it be your teacher and not the undertaker of dreams.

  2. Don’t blame yourself: After a failure we tend to go into self-doubt. Remember failure isn’t a sign of personal incompetence but just a failed experiment and the reason could be anything. Failure isn't the end of the road, rather a small speed bump on your road to success.

  3. Don’t give up: It’s easy to give up on something just because it hasn’t worked for you; but giving up is you accepting to be a failure. Remain calm and remind yourself the importance of the task in hand, why you started it in the first place and channel all the positivity into it.

  4. Don’t start running immediately: After you realize you have failed, get up dust yourself and look around for the reason you fell down. Don’t immediately get back to doing the task, it’s important to know the reason you didn’t succeed the first time. Reflect back and understand what has worked and what hasn't; understanding the root of your failure is the key on how you can overcome it. Learn, adapt and move forward

  5. Don’t do the same way: Look at the task and the flaws of your previous attempt, with a different perspective; discuss with people you trust and love, get inspired by someone.

"Winners are Not Those who Never Fail, But Those who Never Quit"...

What is your mantra to handle the failure and create the path of success? Comment below and inspire us with your story...


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