Last few months have been a new experience for most of us, with all the uncertainties and all the drama caused by the pandemic. It has also brought back memories of the dating years, again! Now before you jump the gun and call my wife, I’m not thinking about cheating her (not yet ). I have just realized that looking for newer career opportunities is very much like dating. It’s the same things that you do, maybe a little differently though...

– Build the Profile

Tinder then and LinkedIn now: Be it dating or Job search, it becomes imminent to have a strong profile on relevant platforms, if you want to find the right match. Build your profile by having a good profile picture, a catchy headline, write about what you love, why you are the one and your skills. Building a strong profile is not about just creating a profile but building it by staying active and engaging with others on the platform.

As they say, if you aren’t to be found on Google, you don’t exist at all. So, go ahead invest some time and effort to building a profile. Make sure you are able to tell your story in the most interesting manner…

– The Connections

It’s important to build the right connections, find people who can be there to guide you, point you at right direction and even recommend you to the right prospect (Be it a partner or a Job opportunity). Its these connections that can help you find the one! They are the ones who recommend you to their friends / connections and put in a few good words. And LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting with industry peers and leaders.

As John Lennon once said – “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” So, make connections & friends and let them help you realize your dream. 

– The First Date

Finally, after all the hard work, you land that elusive first date / interview with the one that would change your life! And as they say first impression is the last impression, you try to be at your best, practicing to introduce yourself, learning their likes & dislikes, put on the jacket that would make you look mature and even put on after shave!

‘You never get a second chance to make the first impression’ so work on yourself, be positive, stay confident and be real. 

– The Waiting Game  

This stage is the most testing, it’s make or break. Checking your phone and emails constantly, ensuring the lines are working, phone is always on charge and on ring mode and even carrying it with you in the shower! You don’t want to be the one who misses “THE” call! So, while you wait patiently, do not loose precious time. continue the journey, keep looking for right opportunities.

‘Waiting is painful, but not utilizing your time while waiting is a crime!’ 

– Its Showtime

The wait is finally over and you receive “THE” message, you are happy yet scared to read it and finally when you do, either you land the second date / interview or offer letter or I don’t think it’s going to work. 

Whatever the result is don’t lose hope, remember the wise words of martin Luther King Jr. “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

PS: For those recruiters or hiring managers who ghost (Like many of my ex did ), remember a job seeker puts in a lot of effort, time and hope in the interview; so don’t leave them hanging, you can be a great help by providing your honest feedback so a job seeker can improve and better themselves!

– We shall overcome

Now this stage is for the ones who get “I don’t think…” message, now initially you are dishearten and why shouldn’t you be, you’ve put your best and thought you most definitely deserve the opportunity. But after time you come to terms and what do you do, yes you got that right buckle up and keep pushing yourself. 

In conclusion, remember you have come this far because you have talent, you worked hard, you have the fire in you to succeed and grace of god! So, stay strong, keep improving, keep fighting and you will find your match soon! 


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