2020 – The year of another Renaissance?!

The year 2020 so far has been like a rambunctious child, who throws a new tantrum everyday. It’s been an edge-of-the-seat thriller with new twists and turns. But when I look back at these eight months that have passed or to put it better, the eight months of 2020 we have been lucky to survive; it also feels like a rebirth for us humans, I would even go ahead and take the liberty of comparing the renaissance period to the year 2020 that has been so far.

Yes, it is an over-exaggerated thought, but if you look closely you will surely be able to draw a few parallels between the two…

A POSITIVE WILLINGNESS TO LEARN – Like the renaissance period, where individuals explored new sea routes, innovated with art & architecture; many of us have also done the same in our own ways in 2020. We have started to cultivated & enhance our skills that we wanted to but never could, like me writing articles. I have come across my friends who are expanding their knowledge, be it a Marketer learning more about product development, Product teams learning the fundamentals of Digital marketing, IT coders learning to paint and much more.

In the words of Leonardo da vinci - “Learning never exhausts the mind.” So keep learning, keep exploring and keep growing!

A NEW PERSPECTIVE: The discovery and mastery of linear Perspective during the renaissance period in the paintings gave a new dimension and revolutionized the art as we see it today. In similar manner the year 2020 with its unpredictive nature has brought a newer depth in our lives, it has inspired us with fresh new perspective to the way we live; the way we work, the way we learn, the way we even celebrate anniversaries or birthdays. While the cake face during birthdays are no longer the high point of a birthday, rather it’s the opportunity to (virtually) meet and speak with loved ones that we look forward to in these social (media) gatherings. keep this new perspective, this new depth of life in our minds & hearts and keep our family and friends closer than before… Coz that’s the most important aspect in our lives…

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Rebirth of Naturalism: This is another characteristic of the Renaissance Art that brought about change in world of art, which saw the rise of anatomical drawings and paintings that gave birth to world famous paintings such as Mona Lisa, The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti, The last Supper and many more.

Just like the paintings gave importance to human body during the renaissance period, this 2020 renaissance has made us realize the importance of taking care of our body & Mind. We started eating right, exercising and meditating. I have seen many of friends that would never care to even think about exercising, have made it part of their daily routines; including myself 😉…

“Take care of your body; you have just one!”

Yes, these eight months have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, but let’s take an oath to carry the positives forward with us when the Life gets back to the normal!

If you have read this far, THANK YOU! Do share what positive will you take forward from the year 2020.