Once lived a hippo, who wasn’t happy with the way he looked. One day while taking a stroll he saw a Zebra, he thought what a beautiful animal! So he decided to be like a Zebra; painted stripes on himself and ate grass like one; then the Hippo saw a Cheetah sprint and thought oh how majestic is he! Painted spots on himself to be like the cheetah and even tried chasing a gazelle, but something was amiss.


He realized, he cannot paint himself to be a Zebra or a Cheetah; he is a Hippo, and the day he accepted it, he truly became happy! 

At times we look at someone else in awe and try to copy them and fail. We can't be happy imitating others, rather we should embrace our uniqueness, get inspired, and keep working towards bettering ourselves. 


Be yourself, be unique, BE A HAPPY HIPPO!

be a happy hippo!.png

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